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Question? So, if your advertising money goes towards getting new business, what’s happening with your previous customers? 

Answer: Your previous customers are responding to your competitor’s ads, coupons, and promotions! 

Continually personalizing your relationship with your customers is the true meaning of Branding! Let them know how much you appreciate them and they will respond tenfold! 

Giving VIP recognition, having a loyalty rewards program. Remembering their birthday, sending them a special discount, or a scratch off coupon will have your customers bragging to their friends about how great your company really is! Referral business is the most effective way to increase your business. What kind of budget or program does your company have to get your customers to advertise for YOU!

YBS Customer Communication System Gets appointments, people walking in your business, not leads!


Is your business contacting your customers on their Phones, Tablets, laptops, or Computers? How about Social Media Bots and email? If not, it's Time for "YOUR BUSINESS TO GO MOBILE!!! 

How do companies like Groupon and Living Social get HALF the money, AND make businesses provide the service or product, PLUS the deep discount’s businesses give away???  Why do businesses do it? Groupon and Living Social drive thousands of people to your business without you spending money on ad spend. The question here should be 'HOW" or WHY are they so effective. The answer is their list! They control that list; they do not share it with you or anyone. YBS" for over 3 years has developed a very lucrative way for your business to develop that unique customer relationship most businesses never experience. Imagine on a slow period, knowing you could increase your traffic as easy as flipping a light switch. We have several programs for this, our database re-activation, Birthday and VIP clubs, and Social Media list building. We ad special marketing triggers utilizing Bots, email & SMS marketing that have been known to triple business with no ad spend. If you don't have a customer list, we can develop one for you. All it takes to start is a free 15-minute Strategy call. Set one up now! Just do it NOW! Why Wait? Do It Now!


Smart devices can be like an ATM for your business if you know how to use it!


Other services you might have questions about, help on, or even need.

1. Websites

2 . Reputation Mgmt.

3. Social Media Mgmt.

4. Face Book & Google Advertising

5. Direct Mail Campaigns

6. Graphics, logos, Videos, & Design

7. National Radio Buys

You don't even need expensive advertising methods to create a great relationship with your clients! Just ask in a free 15 minute strategy call!