Frequently Asked Questions

Recently I inquired about a new website, lots of website designers want $1,000 and up! I also see companies advertising websites under $10/mo, BIG difference in money. WHY?

 The real question should be what's the difference in RESULTS!  "Build it yourself websites" just use templates. Some still use Flash which can't be seen on mobile. There needs to be a "purpose" for your website and you can't convey that with templates. Your purpose or "WHY" you are in business is the reason potential customers choose you over your competitors. We start with your "WHY" and focus on ways to get your customers to take action. Our on-boarding Strategy Session details your goals and we build a system to accomplish those goals best utilizing your website. Strategy Session is at no charge so contact us today!

Social Media is a Pain! Likes don't equal greenbacks that's for sure!


What works today may not work next month. Social Media Platforms change their algorithms regularly. There are ways to make social media very profitable. Some platforms will generate true cash flow, but most are used for capturing valuable data, which has long term marketing value. Usually special software is needed. Unless you have 10 to 15 hrs. per week and enjoy it. It is better to hire a social media expert. The word Expert is stressed here. Hiring your niece who loves to be online, will keep you in front of your customers, but it will not bring many customers in, nor will it drive the engagement needed for successful campaigns. The biggest loss is that valuable data you need to be collecting so you can contact customers with offers and bring in business like "flipping on a light switch!"   Contact us to learn more!

I can't get Online Marketing to work, I've done Face Book Ads, Google Adwords, someone calls about SEO almost every day.

When a company calls you out of the blue and says they can get you on the first page of Google, they are just calling businesses selling SEO services. They know nothing about you or your business, it's just a numbers game. If they call enough people, someone will say yes! 

Different businesses require different solutions. Usually it's a combination because different techniques produce very different results. That's why we use the Strategy Call, to get to know you and your business. Based on your goals, we provide a customized marketing plan.  Many times a free trial is provided to test and critic your system. Contact us to learn more NOW!