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Competitive pricing!


 That's the best part! 

Most software we develop runs 24/7 and the cost is often less than a newspaper, magazine ad, or coupon program!

 YBS provides a free consultation to make sure we are a good fit.  WHY?Businesses have different marketing needs, just because something works for one company doesn't mean it will work for your business or that your business needs it.

 After a free consultation we do a careful evaluation of your areas of concern. We will then provide a completely custom and unique "Done for Your business" proposal. We want you to do what you do best " Run your Business." Not spend countless hours every month trying to learn the newest technology.  Staying on top of what's working now is WHAT WE DO! 

Highly Targeted Advertising!



We all know this. Where ARE your customers? They are On Their Phones! 

94% of texts and Social Media Messages are read within 90 seconds! 

20% of emails are read in 90 minutes! Many people only read their emails once per day!

Millennials average 67 Social Media Messages and texts per day!

SMS, MMS, and Social Media coupons are redeemed 10x more than traditional coupons! YBS has developed a unique custom Marketing Platform capable of reaching thousand of customers, by Wi Fi Social Media, SMS & MMS messaging, Email, even Direct Mail. You will be impressed that there are so many ways to get more eyes on your business and increase your ROI at a fraction of what conventional  TV, Radio, Newspaper or Magazine advertising costs! By the way, when is the last time you bought a newspaper?

Create a brand new Client Relationship!


 Question? If you want to DOUBLE your business, would it be easier to get twice as many customers to your business OR get your existing customers to come back more often? So many businesses spend all their advertising money on new customers.

FACT! It costs 70% LESS to get a previous customer in your business than aquire a new customer. Personalize your relationship with your customers! Let them know you appreciate them and they will respond tenfold! Our powerful robust Platform gives you more features for loyalty and branding than any other platform.

 Giving VIP recognition, having a loyalty program, remembering their birthday, sending them a special discount, or a scratch off coupon, will have your customers telling their friends how great your business really is! This developes referral business, the most effective way to increase your business.  

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Email is DEAD! Mobile Marketing gives best ROI!


 Everything companies used to do by email and snail-mail can now be done via SMS or Social Media  Marketing! Our new powerful platform is built for high volume advertising. Coupons, even full screen pages to masses can be done for less money, and a much higher conversion to sales. What ever number you want to immediately contact 20, 200, or 20,000 our powerful platform can produce, AND track the results for you to see!  

Newest Tech Products


Finally, it's all about your business!

 This WI-FI Social Media Platform IS the most personalized marketing platform ever created! Don't be taken for granted, when some one logs into the free wifi that you provide, the entire face of your phone becomes a virtual business card to remind them that you have provided this free service for them. They gain access by entering through Facebook or their cell number, turning this free service into the most profitable and personal advertising platform available today. The possibilities are endless and this will produce the highest ROI percentage you have ever experienced. 

Send them a survey the next day asking them how they enjoyed their visit, or a discount coupon to return by whatever date you want. We can  also send reminders that there are only ____ days to redeem. We have scratch off coupons that require them to come back to your business to scratch off and redeem there! Any type of events you have, loyalty programs etc. will all have a much more personal effect!

Other great Products Services and Premiums!


1. Need Leads? Product or Service based Face Book Advertising?  With the newest applications of messenger, you can totally dominate your local market! The implementation of bots has totally changed advertising. Some are calling it Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing. These bots can help predict when a person is ready to purchase, solve customer service issues, schedule appointments, or even make reservations. Coupled along with a retargeting program to make sure the customer see's your adds repeatedly online everywhere they go can easily 5 TIMES your ROI! This is by far the most effective advertising available! 80 to 90% of small businesses are not using Face Book for advertising. Some have tried running ads but either couldn't figure it out or found it hard to get results. It must be done in combination utilizing the bots and retargeting. This requires software and knowledge most business owners don't have. Call today to get this technology crushing your competition. 

2. Mobile website overhaul: Does your website look clean and easy to read on a mobile device? It NEEDS TO!  70% of your visitors are using their phones. Google doesn't even recognize websites that have not been mobile optimized! We suggest a simple scroll down site with links to your phone number, or GPS directions, and links to your social media.

3.Proximity Marketing! The new rage! 

Goggle Nearby transmitters!!! These FCC compliant transmitters broadcast any 40 character message and your URL to any blue toothed enabled phone within 1000 meters. These messages are sent to your notifications on the phone just like when you check your email. They work on both Android and iphones!  

4. Travel Vacations: Talk about increasing  sales? Developing a loyalty club, getting referrals? This is a must for every business to utilize. We have 3 and 5 day  US, Caribbean, and Mexico Vacations!

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We are the best of the best in mobile and social media marketing. We love helping business owners by creating individual customized Mobile and Social Marketing Strategy plans that will help them reach their goals. Just call 803-470-4458 to see how our powerful Platform can bring you the highest ROI on any budget! 

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